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News & Reminders

Hot Off the Press...


We continue to be amazed and inspired by the genuine love of learning and creativity we see in our students and parent-teachers.


Our reorganized resource library has made for easier access to all of our supplies and teaching tools, and allowed for a more comfortable family meeting space.


Ask us about thematic kits, literature units, and field trip suggestions.  We have a lot to offer!


Families, be sure to utilize the Networking Board. Your Teacher-Advisor will have ideas for "getting connected".


~~  The Horizons Team wishes you 

                       a productive and enriching school year.

We love learning together!


Looking Forward in the School Year...


CAASPP Test dates are TBA (but it will be in the springtime)


Our online Student Showcase displays work you are most proud of and that others can learn from. See past school year's showcase galleries under "Photos."

Let the Spotlight shine all year! Invite friends and family near and far to view your accomplishments.

Consider what you might like to submit, and talk to your Teacher-Advisor.