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We encourage families and our teachers to work together and partner on developing the most effective approaches with helping students learn fundamental lessons of life, inside and outside the classroom.

Curriculum and Instructional Media

Horizons Home Study is a public school in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. Therefore, there is no cost to enroll, and all MDUSD currently adopted materials are free.

  • Additionally, a wide array of supplemental and alternative materials are available at no charge
  • All supplies are checked out to enrolled families. Consumable materials are intended for families to keep.
  • We make every effort to provide regularly used classroom supplies such as paper, pens, notebooks, rulers, & paints. Need something? Just ask. If we don't already have it, we can probably get it!



A wide variety of materials and resources are available to enrolled families, such as the following:

  • District adopted textbooks, tests, and workbooks
  • A wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Literature units accompanying individual books and texts
  • Math and science manipulatives, models, equipment (i.e. petri dishes, magnifying lenses, & microscopes)
  • Project-based thematic kits (over 100) using a variety of approaches & exploring a variety of themes
  • Instructional Media materials available through the MDUSD media center
  • Online subscriptions

Click on the links below for MDUSD school district's information about these resources.

Elementary School - MDUSD Adopted Textbooks and Materials

Middle School - MDUSD Adopted Textbooks and Materials

High School - MDUSD Adopted Textbooks and Materials



Workshops are developed in response to what our currently enrolled families most need and want as a group.

In the past, we have organized such opportunities as monthly  outings to area museums and parks, on-site art days, on-site STEAM workshops, parent-teacher trainings, and more! We are always listening and developing programs tailored to the individual and to the group.

Of course, a fundamental part of meetings with your Teacher-Advisor is receiving 1:1 "workshops" in which you are given materials and taught strategies that are individualized for your child.