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Common Core Overview

Understanding Common Core

Common Core is a set of standards.

Common Core sets the bar for what all students need to know each year to be on track for college and career readiness. 

It is not a curriculum.

It is not a textbook.

It is not a method of teaching.

Common Core does not dictate how to meet the needs of students in the classroom.

Common Core standards simply spell out expectations of what students should know and be able to do at the end of every grade, from kindergarten through high school.

They cover reading, writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary and mathematics. They are brief and deal with fundamentals.

An easy way to learn more about the Common Core standards at each grade level is to visit the National PTA website. They have created Parent Guides outlining the standards of each grade level.


Note for Parents

For most homeschooling families, the transition to Common Core standards was not a transition at all, as we were already intuitively teaching in this way. 

Your Teacher-Advisor will provide guidance on most effective teaching strategies as part of your regular meetings.  You certainly do not have to navigate it all on your own!